Generative Art atelier

effimera F O N D A Z I O N E

" Coding is Poetry, since it can define new meanings for old things". We believe in the power of code, we believe we are coming in the age of the Spiritual Machines.


Ever since computers came into common use, many steps have been made to develop perfect programs dedicated to images, music and video production. As  the  computer graphics era arose, we foresaw a new generation of artist that would not use any tool but programming itself, allowing imagination to create forms through instructions coded in the same language of the machines.


Fifty years have passed from those early days of computers when we imagined art forms free from physical intermediation. Today, in the midst of the ‘internet revolution’,  We all share our expression in a immersive media environment, sustained by interdependent systems of computers fed by huge data flows, Creativity has evolved in a hybrid natural//synthetic process:  software culture spreads across all media forms.



 wallswindowsbuildings entropya texture #A

- 2013 -


Procedural created pattern

Animated GIF, Videoinstallation,

Plastic wallpaper, C-print 160x160 cm



© copyright Effimera Fondazione

coded cowboy [ the hat that won the west ]

- 2013 -


Plot printing on canvas. dim 50x50 cm

Generated by code in Nodebox framework, overlapping

random generated stencil to procedural guided drawing.


© copyright Effimera Fondazione

From the serie - 333 Symmetrical Tales

- 2006 -


Mural wallpaper vinyl tapes dim. 32x9 cm

 Each subjects is different, generated by randomic alghorythm coded in Processing framework, The program builds sequences of three images from a  5x5 symmetrical grid adding a textual storyline composed from  a given words database.


© copyright Effimera Fondazione


- 2013 -


C-Print dim 100x100 cm. Code-generated

pattern sequenced by vector drawing.


© copyright Effimera Fondazione