sound facility

Fancy Riot

- 2013 -

C-Print, dim 40x65.

Vector postprocessed RGB image w/ procedural vector painting overlay. Made in Nodebox framework.


© copyright Effimera Fondazione


Coming Soon


The phenomenon of having the strong sensation that an event or experience currently being experienced has been experienced in the past, whether it has actually happened or not. Also: the artist's on-line memories, whether they have actually happened or not


Effimera is a private art foundation created in 2013 by Creative Director Luca Lisci.
Because of its activities aimed to the enhancement of digital arts in Italy,
the foundation gained appointment in march 2013 by decree of the regional council of Lombardy.
[ Ref. Regional Council of Lombardy, decree no. 2234 3/13/2013, License Regional register no. 2555 ]