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Welcome, this the website of the CONTEMPORARY ART ATELIER   estabilished  in 2013 to explore the visions, the dreams and nightmares of the post-internet age.




The sublime is an aesthetic concept of the exalted, of beauty that is grand and dangerous. Through 17th and 18th century of the western cultural tradition, the sublime became associated with Nature.

In the 20th century, the technological sublime evolved from the natural sublime: our sense of awe and terror had transferred to factories, war machines and their unknownable evolutions driven by computers and humans sligthly merging into one being. In the 21st century we are totally technology driven,  in a continuously accelerating evolution. New kind of visions, new points of perspective and new art forms arise from the ephemeral ecology of the technological sublime.


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Apollo Slitscan #1

- 2015 -

C-Print,dim 192x72cm.

 Slitscanned Digital Photo


© copyright Effimera Fondazione

We are not going to be afraid. Reality is dangerous, and we are here to ride reality with a virgin passion and a total faith in the persistence of humanity.


Contemporary performance, like science, has stood the test of time better than arts, and the persistence of their statuses as "other than art" is a proof of that.


Every civilization has developed its own peculiar art forms. Art is the human manifested attempt to speculate the Unknown. Art always refer to the Great Mistery, the Sublime Horror of Being. Exactly like Science, except that Science aims to unveil the Secret, Art is not.


The art world and the media are constantly explaining to us that humanity is fading overstressed by this mission. Technology - born from Science and instrument of Art , so they say, is erasing the human. Instant and ubiquitous reproduction of moving images, so they say, is erasing the human. Multitasking and liquid relationships, so they say, are erasing the human.


We believe that the Human is erasing the art world and the media.


We are artists, performers, the audience, curators, writers and publishers. We are surviving, and we run the world. We are the subjects and the creators of the technological sublime, and our art speaks of conflicts, popular culture, heroic acts, accelerations of sensorial stimuli and a newly discovered dignity of being humans with a body.


Effimera welcomes artists that embrace reality


- using body-related technologic artifacts to create subjects for the post-prometheus era

- using randomly accessed experiences to generate movements

- using algorithms to generate textures and environments

- using the interconnection though technology to enhance reality not to run from it

- understanding that our bodies are still evolving,  as the meaning of evolution is evolving itself

- using masks to display real stories


Effimera lives in the present, eternal and immediate.

The Persistence of humanity Manifesto.

Apollo Slitscan #2

- 2015 -

C-Print,dim 192x72cm.

 Slitscanned Digital Photo


© copyright Effimera Fondazione

Some of our artworks may be available for collections, if you are interested in our production please send  email at info@effimera.com


* Every piece of art produced by Effimera Fondazione. is coupled by official autenticity certificate and catalog.



Effimera is a private art foundation estabilished in 2013. Because of its activities aimed to the enhancement of digital arts in Italy, the foundation gained appointment in march 2013 by decree of the regional council of Lombardy. [ Ref. Regional Council of Lombardy, decree no. 2234 3/13/2013, License Regional register no. 2555 ] Effimera Fondazione creates Art project involving curators, artists and authors in both private and public projects .