effimera F O N D A Z I O N E content curation

The process of collecting, selecting, organizing and displaying Art, Culture and Technology-related phenomena through media streams. We  make it 24/7, as a primary tool in our creative process to research and develop cultural strategies.


An Art Project in the shape of a Contemporary Art magazine, highlighting the collective consciousness in global cultures.

Supported by The Bureau publishing agency, from the HTML pages of this digital media Effimera Fondazione promotes projects and artists. Humhoo can be reached at:





Both the paper edition and the on-line edition of one of the most innovative magazine in the world benefit from Artists selection  by Effimera Fondazione.

" This edition of TAR is universal in its meaning, specific in its making. It’s not for everyone. It’s not for the candid nor for the conscious. TAR magazine’s digital edition is for those confident in misunderstanding, passionate about diversity, for the fanciful ones who feel at ease especially when off-balanced. TAR is about giving the soul a spin; it’s about the gorgeous occasion of cultures clashing and mixing and meshing, running ever more and more fast. TAR is a tremendous flight of fantasy for those who need to plan a way to escape from this planet or to save it."


Luca Lisci

TAR magazine


Effimera is a private art foundation estabilished in 2013. Because of its activities aimed to the enhancement of digital arts in Italy, the foundation gained appointment in march 2013 by decree of the regional council of Lombardy. [ Ref. Regional Council of Lombardy, decree no. 2234 3/13/2013, License Regional register no. 2555 ] Effimera Fondazione creates Art project involving curators, artists and authors in both private and public projects .